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We do Design + Textile + Web Faster and More Efficiently

At Design Lounge, we have our own story, our own approach to design and client satisfaction. We don’t boast to be number one although we aspire to be among the best. Still we do take pride in trying our utmost to live by our values which is to serve our clients in the fastest and most efficient way possible. We don’t pretend to be faultless in fact, we still have bits and pieces to improve and make perfect. So please bear with us! Our team is still young but all committed to deliver value proposals.

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We aim for a unique creative approach, innovative design, personal attention and the highest customer satisfaction.We pay attention to finest details and make sure that each design that is submitted to clients is thoroughly thought through so that there are minimal changes required. This can only happen through a good understanding of the client’s needs and an immersive approach to their business. We listen to what the clients have to say and interpret the information in our own creative way. Our ultimate goal is to communicate their ideas through high-impact concepts and design solutions.


The most recurrent comment that client have about polos and tshirts from their past suppliers is that they distort after 3-4 washes. Ring a bell? We can confidently say that this has never been an issue with our textile products. We take particular care to use only good, durable fabrics for our production. We have years of experience in the supply of quality textile products such as polo shirts, t-shirts, caps and others. Our services not only include the design of unique customised models but also the production and delivery of finished products within record time frames. Our clients include Casela World of Adventures, Iframac, Holcim, Nandos, Rhumerie de Chamarel, Safari Adventures.


Our sister company I-Spy360 which is one of our recent and proud acquisitions have extensive experience in the field of web-development. Their portfolio includes Air Mauritius, Rogers, Blue-Sky (Reunion), Azuri, Velogic, Architect Studio, Albert-Trading, Wastewater Management Authority to name a few. We will work closely with you to create a website that is professional, modernlooking, easy to use and integrated with your logo identity and corporate color profile. All our websites are coded with valid CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript for fast loading and are seamlessly integrated into various platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Visit their website:

Contact Us

Contact Us

Design Lounge Ltd
Office 306, 3rd Floor, Catalyst Building, Silicon Avenue
Ebene Cybercity 72201
T: (+230) 465 02 88